A Little Bit About Us

What we do.

The Bath County Farmers Market creates the opportunity for people to buy locally grown and produced products.

In a nutshell.

The Market strives to be a producer-only market. This means you must grow, raise, or make what you sell. Resale does not apply to most products at the Market. Your profit is your profit.

Who we are.

We are not a corporation, business, or even a nonprofit. We are a very small group of local volunteers committed to the promotion of local sustainable agriculture and high quality art and craft.

When and where.

The 2016 Bath County Farmers Market will be held in downtown Hot Springs first Saturday of each month from July through October from 9am to 1pm.

How we do it.

The Bath County Farmers Market :

  • Increases access to fresh, locally produced, nourishing and safe foods for all people.
  • Encourages, supports, and promotes the entrepreneurial efforts of local, independent and small scale farmers, local growers, and local artisans, seeking to sell their products/produce directly to the customer.
  • Creates an opportunity for people to meet, eat, and share stories, recipes, and knowledge in a place dedicated to the cultivation of local products and talents.
  • Strives to create an atmosphere that serves not only the market but also contributes to a prosperous rural area and promotes a sense of community.

The Bath County Farmers Market would like to thank you!

The Bath County Farmers’ Market wishes to thank all past, present, and future supporters!

Our Founding Mothers