Have you ever thought about how the farmer’s market community can work to improve the health of Bath County children and families?  Around the country there are innovative grass roots initiatives that work to connect local food producers with schools.  Here are some examples to check out:

  • The Vermont Food Education Every Day (VT FEED) program is an example of an innovative community-based approach to school food system change in a rural state.  This program works through teams of school, community, farm, and food staff representatives to develop a “curriculum of place” to teach children about farm life, nutrition, and agricultural cycles.  Hands-on activities include cooking and farm-based investigations and FEED staff consult with school food staff to increase local foods/improve students health.  To find out more about VT FEED, at their web site, click here.
  • The idea of Farm to School, schools buying local food for school meals, has grown into a national movement. Schools using local foods will have fresher food that contains more nutrients. In addition, the program provides educational opportunities regarding nutrition/agriculture and  it supports local farmers.  There are over 1,000 school districts that participate in the Farm to School programs.  The following web sites will provide schools with all the information they will need to learn how Farm to School works, how to start a program, and possible funding resources.
  1. The National Farm to School Online web site gives an overview of the program, nationally, and gives access to resources/network membership. To go to Farm to School, click here.
  2. The Community Food Security Coalition has a web site that contains a wealth of information about the Farm to School program.  The web site includes the “whys and hows” to the program, case studies, tools, and an excellent list of possible funding sources for Farm to School programs. To go to the Community Food Security Coalition web site, click here.
  3. The Foodroutes.org. web site on Farm to School has some additional links to Farm to School programs/resources as well as a section on “Why buy locally?” To see all that Foodroutes.org. has to offer, click here